Slippery Celebrity Slope: Tiger Gets Replaced by Elephant

In a recent post, Jay Busbee of Yahoo Canada Sports brings us up to date:

“Of all the humiliations that Tiger Woods has suffered over the last few weeks — scurrilous rumors, really bad overtold jokes, wild plastic surgery speculation, borderline-slanderous Photoshops — this one has to rank right up there: he’s been replaced by an elephant. And not just any elephant, mind you: a surfing one. Wacky!

The Biggest Loser? Hardly.

Accenture, one of the first companies to cut ties with Tiger Post-Hydrant, decided that  Tiger no longer represented the best of its “High Performance” ad campaign. (Personally, I think the fact that he kept all this going while still winning majors is “high performance” at a level beyond which most of us could comprehend, but I get where they’re coming from.)”

Well, a few things are certain, this elephant is likely to stay the course and not pose any possible risk of causing embarassment in the future. Most importantly, he will not be commanding stratospheric endorsement fees like his predesessor.

So here’s to Accenture Elephant and a long and prosperous career like many others who have come before: Aflac Duck, Geico Gekko,  Smokey the Bear, Spuds MacKenzie, Nipper the dog, Morris the Cat and of course, the Exxon Tiger.

– Ted Morris, 4ScreensMedia

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