The State of the State of All Things Social

When I was a young man growing up, my parents encouraged me to spend some time at the National Art Gallery in Ottawa, Canada. I was told “If you understand art as a metaphor for life, your will understand what lies beyond the obvious”. Since then I have visited many galleries both public and private. I have always admired the work of Jean-Paul Riopelle.   

Jean-Paul Riopelle Sans titre (Composition #2) 1951

You might ask, “What does this have to do with anything?”  Well, we are in an age of massive transformation in society where there is tremendous disruption in terms of relationships, communication, commerce, culture, technology and movement. The key is to look for the interplay between light and colour, the nuance of hues and textures. 

At times, when the world out there looks something like a Riopelle, stand back a bit farther from the canvas and it will all make sense. 

– Ted Morris, 4ScreensCRM

2 responses to “The State of the State of All Things Social

  1. Whenever the office gets to be too much for me, I escape to the galleries and visit Riopelle’s Pavanne. It helps to keep everything in perspective.

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